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Disaster Response


Community UMC Disaster Response Program


The purpose of this disaster plan is to provide a pre-mediated strategy for protecting the facilities and members of Community United Methodist Church, as well as determining how we can respond in the event of a disaster.  While never a guarantee that we could go completely unscathed, preparing for a disaster will help our church minimize potential losses and anticipate the actions that we will need to take in the event of a disaster.  This disaster plan is not a contingency plan. It does not attempt to spell out in detail who must do what in the event of a specific contingency –– such as a fire, hurricane, or power failure –– although it is recommended that those in key positions write down step by step procedures for dealing with any possible emergencies, as they relate to their work area. This disaster response plan focuses on procedures for minimizing potential losses and ensuring a speedy recovery from disaster.

It is recommended that those responsible familiarize themselves with the procedures contained herein well before a disaster strikes.  Keep in mind that as our church grows and changes, so must this plan – it is a work in progress.  As you come across changes, additions or recommendations regarding how we respond to disasters, please forward them to the church Disaster Response Coordinator for consideration. 

Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Plan
Community United Methodist Church 

309 College Avenue
Fruitland Park, Florida  34731

Please take Time to Read/Print this article from the Red Cross on Hurricane Preparedness.

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Disaster Planning Coordinator: Bobby Duvall




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