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Community United Methodist Church

(352) 787-1829
309 College Ave
Fruitland Park, FL  34731


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1/2/2017 -- Donna Ross
1/17/2017 -- William "Bill" Gube
2/1/2017 -- John Parfumorse
2/10/2017 -- Bill Stewart
2/21/2017 -- Gloria Lindauer
3/1/2017 -- Alice Griggs
3/1/2017 -- James "Jim" Hall
3/19/2017 -- Joyce Martin
3/26/2017 -- Horace "Al" Allen
4/27/2017 -- Larry Duncan
5/13/2017 -- Henry "Hank" DeVries
5/15/2017 -- Shirley Cook
5/20/2017 -- Linda DuBois
5/28/2017 -- Fred Miller
6/11/2017 -- Ron Woodling

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Altar Flowers

Altar flowers are placed in the sanctuary each Sunday, except the Sunday before Christmas and Easter, when we have poinsettias and Easter lilies. You may purchase one or both arrangements to be dedicated to a loved one or a special birthday,  anniversary or other event. Each arrangement is $30. Just call the church office to reserve the Sunday you would like to have flowers. A notation will be made in that Sunday's bulletin, as to who placed the flowers and the event or person being honored.

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