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Community United Methodist Church

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309 College Ave
Fruitland Park, FL  34731


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Leadership of CUMC


2019 Community UMC Leaders

Board of Trustees - George Clive, Chairperson

Children's Home Representative - Lynda Riker

Children's Ministries - Mindy Standifer, Representative to Church Council
Faye Umble, Minister of Children

Church Council - Dave Withers, Chairperson

Disaster Response - Bobby Duvall, Coordinator

Finance Committee - Mike Weer, Chairperson

Financial Secretary - Julie Dietz

Food Pantry Coordinators - John & Barbara Tiedemann

                                     Church Historian - Edna McClure                             

Lay Leader - Mike Hanna

Lay Leaders to Annual Conference - Art & Judy Wadding, Giselle Lawn

Live Stream Coordinator - Bob Turner

Membership Secretary - LuAnn Haywood, Office Manager

Men's Prayer Breakfast - Bob Turner, Coordinator

Missions - Glenn & Elsa Kaye, Chairpersons

Music Ministries - Diane Wright, Minister of Traditional Music

Newsletter - Karissa Silvers, Editor

Nursery - Faye Umble,Coordinator

Scout Representative - Rev. Debbie Allen and Rob Parish

Staff Parish Committee - Sandi Moore, Chairperson

Sunday School Superintendent - Shirley French

United Methodist Men - Bob Turner, President

United Methodist Women -
Donna Turner, President

Welcoming Ministry - Shirley Keith, Coordinator

Worship - Gretchen Sholar,Coordinator

Youth Ministries - John Oliver, Representative to Church Council
Riley Standifer, Youth Rep to Church Council
Brianna Jimenez, Minister of Youth



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